Monday, April 11, 2011

SAV-ON Crew Continues Tradition of Volunteering at Northwest Harvest

SAV-ON employees and family after helping out at Northwest Harvest.
Again in March, SAV-ON Insurance management, employees and even some of their children volunteered their time helping prepare food for the hungry at the Northwest Harvest warehouse in Seattle. They were put to work on the assembly line, scooping oats and putting them in bags, then placing the bags on the carousel where the bags were sealed and tossed onto a table. From there, other volunteers loaded boxes with the bags and weighed them. From there the bags are sent out to food banks around the area, helping to feed some of the thousands of hungry people that Northwest Harvest helps each month.

Volunteer work at Northwest Harvest has become a tradition for folks at SAV-ON, and employees and their families are eager to help as much as possible. This time, after a day’s work, they arrived at Northwest Harvest at 5:30 p.m. for their shift, and worked so diligently that they finished their work 15 minutes early!

One of our youngest volunteers, Breanna, was a big help, grabbing as many bags of oats as she could hold as soon as they were in the bags, and quickly delivering the bags to the waiting bag sealers. Breanna’s mother also volunteered, and she is the Des Moines agent Melodi Wheeler’s sister. Quite a family!

A special thanks to all the volunteers for their wonderful service to the less fortunate in our community!

SAV-ON is committed to helping Northwest Harvest in other ways, too. Every time someone refers a friend or family member to SAV-ON Insurance for a quote, we donate $1 to Northwest Harvest. We raised $216 in the first quarter of 2011, and that brings our total donation to more than $2,200 since we began the program a little more than a year ago!

Remember, every time you refer someone to SAV-ON Insurance for a rate quote, you’re contributing to Northwest Harvest! It's easy, just have them go to for a Quik Quote!