Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Home Maintenance to Tackle in the New Year

We've compiled a short list of tasks that you can do to help care for your home, vehicle and family.  Consider them helpful reminders of what needs to get accomplished throughout the month to keep your important items protected.

Make A Home Inventory - January is all about getting organized, right?  So what better time to document what you own in case you were to suffer a serious insurance loss (like a fire).  Grab your cell phone and make a short video of each room in your home, focusing on big ticket items.  Many times, it’s difficult for our clients to remember every little possession after the shock of a large claim.  You’ll be glad you took the time to make the videos if you ever need them.

Deep Clean Your Dryer Vent - A large percentage of home fires begin in the clothes dryer!  Lint builds up in the vent and hose which can spark a fire.  Unhook the hose and vacuum the area well on a regular basis to keep your home protected.

Organize Your Warranties - Do you have a big pile of warranties, product documents, and receipts stuffed in your desk drawer?  Do you even own those items anymore? These days, many owners manuals can be found online without taking up valuable drawer storage.  Also consider scanning and keeping a digital file of your receipts and warranties for easy storage and retrieval if needed.

Check Your Circuit Breakers - How often do you actually look in the breaker box? Open it up and make sure the labels are correct and readable. If you are trying to isolate a certain area of the home, it will be extremely frustrating if you're trying to figure out which breaker is the correct one. Also, it's a good idea to stash a spare flashlight (with working batteries) close by in case of a power outage. Finally, make sure that all breaker switches are clicked all the way on. A "tripped" circuit breaker will mean a loss of power somewhere in your home or garage. If it's a refrigerator, that means a bunch of spoiled food that you will need to throw out

Gather Your Tax Documents - It won’t be long until you’re filing your 2013 taxes. Start gathering up all the documents you or your accountant will need. Need a copy of your insurance policies or premiums?  Call us at 888-867-2866 and we’ll be happy to help! 

Know Your Deductibles - When was the last time you reviewed your deductibles?  This is what you would pay out-of-pocket in the event of an insurance claim. It’s a good idea to keep this amount in your savings account so it’s available when you need it. Feel free to give us a call to review all of your insurance policies in detail.

January is a great time to get organized for the new year! Let SAV-ON Insurance Agencies know if we can help in any way!