Friday, January 30, 2009

Washington Tenth Highest Uninsured Rate

Washington has the tenth highest rate of drivers without insurance and research suggests the number of uninsured drivers is rising.

According to The Insurance Research Council Washington 16% of drivers are uninsured. And a study shows that the number of uninsured drivers is, ironically, very close to the unemployment rate...and with estimates of a raising unemployment rate through 2010-- the number of uninsured drivers is also likely to rise.

What some people are doing, and what we suggest, is lowering coverage, raising deductibles, or removing coverage instead of canceling completely.

A graph showing uninsured rates vs. unemployment rates and the estimated number to the year 2010.
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Talk to your agent...
  • to decipher which coverages to keep and which to drop
  • about discounts you may be eligible for
  • to raise your deductibles (note: there are sometimes limitations due to auto financing-- most require $500 deductibles)
  • let us shop for you! We have 30+ companies both high risk and preferred to find you the best rates

Earthquake Rattles Washington Residents

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At 5:25am today, an earthquake registered at a 4.5 magnitude woke Washington residents from sleep and even rattled some as far as Vancouver, B.C.

The quake started in Kingston, Washington and seems to have moved mostly north though greater Seattle area citizens as far as Des Moines and the East Hill of Kent reported being woken this morning.

No damage to homes or injury has been reported at this time.

We urge you that if you don't already have an earthquake policy or earthquake coverage -- which is NOT covered on a regular home policy-- please contact us. "The Big One" has yet to come.

E-mail: or 1-888-867-2866.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pemco Poll on SR-520 Bridge Toll

PEMCO Insurance Company released statistics on their poll on the proposed $3 toll on the SR-520 bridge.

"The poll, conducted by FBK Research, revealed that 51% would avoid 520, 11% would carpool, and 6% would ride the bus. Nearly half said they’d take I-90 more often, and 24% would drive around the north end of the lake," according to their release.

SAV-ON now asks you, what would you do?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fire in Seatac Apartments

Just Saturday there was a 3 alarm fire at Emerald Place By the Lake Apartments, in Sea-Tac WA.

"There were firetrucks EVERYWHERE!" A witness reported. Reporters say there were an estimated 75 firefighters from 10 area departments who responded.

Reportedly, two women are in critical condition after they jumped the balcony 50 feet from the ground.

Onlookers from the nearby casino called 911 and brought ladders to help others down. Many assisted in catching children being lowered down to safety and went into the building to get others out.

Investigators don't know what caused the fire yet, but they will be looking this week.

Some photos of the for enlarged version.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Another great testimonial!

Another happy customer!

We received great and very friendly service with Evelyn at the Des Moines office.

Thank you very much!
Bryan and Cynthia, Kent

Ready for your Quik Quote? We now have a call center headed by one of our most prestigious agents to provide you with our lowest rate quote out of over 30 companies!
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We also provide services in Spanish and Russian!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our BEST Testimonial!

Chevy of Edgewood, WA writes:

I have never in my entire life thought I would be happy paying for car insurance until the day I spoke with Melodi and she told me the rate I would pay. I am very thrilled to be treated so fairly and will recommend Sav-on to all my friends and family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
How do we do it? We shop from over 30 different companies to find you the best rate! We look forward to serving Chevy, and hopefully you too!

Request a quote online at or call 1-888-867-2866. We have 6 locations to serve you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Economy Causing Many to Drop Insurance

With the economy at it's worst since the depression (and some speculating worse), many people are trying to cut back costs in their lives...some by dropping their auto insurance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a study by the Insurance Research Counsil shows that several hundred thousand drivers dropped their insurance in the past year alone as the unemployment rate increased.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' most recent update on our economic situation shows that unemployment rose to 7.2% in December-- up from 6.8%. And in December alone, payroll employment fell 524,000.

What can YOU do?
If you don't have insurance, get insurance. And we ALWAYS recommend Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This covers you in a hit and run or, more importantly these days, if the person that hit you does not have enough insurance or doesn't carry any insurance. It usually costs as little as $15-$20 a month but worth so much more than that if an uninsured driver hits you. What would you do if there's no one to pay? That's where underinsured motorist coverage comes in.

Theft also seems to be a rising issue. By carrying comprehensive coverage, your vehicle will be covered (less the deductible) for things like theft, vandalism, or if, say, a tree falls on the vehicle. The costs depends on your carrier, what deductible you choose, and what type of vehicle you drive most but times it can be quite inexpensive.

Please note, however, that comprehensive coverage only covers your vehicle for stock parts. Have an after-market stereo system? Rims? Paint job? Hold onto your receipts and invest in "Special Equipment Coverage".

Would you like a Quik Quote? Our rates may be better than you think! We shop from over 30 different companies to find you the best rate. We can insure you whether you fall into the "Preferred" market or if you have tickets, accidents, no credit, poor credit, or require an SR-22. Call us at 1-888-867-2866 OR visit us online at

Thank you to: Auto Loan Daily and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Graduate Results: December 2008

It sure was a chilly month but the grad department was HEATIN IT UP and kickin butt helping our clients save TONS off their auto insurance!

We had a total of 574 graduates for the year.

These are savings for December Graduates off their 6 month policies!

Gabriel B of Woodinville - $406
Elaine L of Seattle - $414
Vasiliy P of Federal Way - $432
Steven M of Des Moines - $450
Dzhavit K of Kent - $574
Nikolay P of Auburn - $590
Omaro T of Auburn - $602
Andrea L of Lynnwood - $741
Hanna I of Kent - $1164
Valentina P of Auburn - A WHOPPING $1934 SAVED!

That's an average savings of 34%!

Think you might be a graduate? Call your Sav-on Special Agent and find out today! 1-888-867-2866.