Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Broken Unground Pipe or Buried Electrical Line? Homeowners Insurance Won't Help!

Broken underground pipe.
Many homeowners think that their homeowners insurance policy will cover anything that goes wrong on their property, but that is not true. In addition, underground sewer lines, water lines and electrical lines that run from the property line to the foundation of the house are not the responsibility of the utility company, but the homeowner’s responsibility. 

If you have a leak or electrical failure from a break in an underground pipe in your yard, you may be out hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars in out-of-pocket costs! That’s where Utility Line Insurance can protect you.

Your typical homeowners policy will not cover items outside the foundation, such as buried utility lines. And if the pipe breaks inside the walls of the home, your homeowners will cover the damage, but not the broken pipe itself. 

Utility line coverage provides protection in the event of an unexpected water, sewer or exterior electrical line failure, whether it happens between the property line and the home, or inside the foundation, as long as the failure is in an underground line.

Exterior Water Line – Protection for one underground water supply line from the meter or well (on property) to the outside of the home’s foundation.

Exterior Sewer Line – Protection for one underground main sewer line from the outside wall of the foundation to the property boundary.

Exterior Electrical Lines – Protection for each of the following (must be buried): electrical power line, fiber optic line, cable TV line, phone line – from the outside wall of the home to the property boundary.

Interior Water Lines – Protection for the water lines running throughout the interior of the home.

Interior Sewer & Drain Lines – Protection for sewer lines and gray water drain line leaks and failures running throughout the interior of the home.

Note that the coverage is for broken lines only; not normal wear and tear within the line. If a line becomes plugged due to normal useage,  it is not eligible for coverage.

The coverage is convenient and easy to use. It comes with 24/7 emergency response hotline and has a zero deductible! But, don’t wait until you have a problem; there is a 30-day waiting period, so it’s important to secure this protection before a line failure occurs.

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